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Twin Citizens!┬áNext month I’ll be celebrating the launch of my debut novel Goblin Secrets with a wide variety of Minneapolitan events. For more about the book itself, please browse over here.


Tuesday, March 6th
Magers & Quinn
7:30 pm

Wine! Cheese! Mostly grownups! Kids welcome too, of course. On this day the book will be officially released into the world, and I’ll celebrate at the bookstore that used to employ me.

Friday, March 9th
Blue Ox Cafe
7:00 pm

A pair of brilliant actors from HUGE Improv Theater will join me in a dramatic reading of a Goblin Secrets chapter.

Saturday, March 10th
Wild Rumpus
1:00 pm

An afternoon reading surrounded by the furry and feathered denizens of Wild Rumpus. I wish I had known about this place as a kid. I would have made a serious attempt to hide in the walls somewhere so I’d never have to leave.

Sunday, March 11th
Uncle Hugo’s
1:00 pm

An excellent store to get lost in. One half is dedicated to fantastical literature, and the other half is filled with mysteries. I’ll be lost somewhere in the Fantasy & Science Fiction half.

Saturday, March 17th
DreamHaven Books
7:00 pm

This grand and climactic event will be a group reading and panel discussion by my entire writing group, Symbolical Head, comprised of Barth Anderson, Haddayr Copley-Woods, David Schwartz, and Stacy Thieszen. All of them write magnificent things, and DreamHaven itself is a magnificent place.

Sunday, March 18th
Blue Ox
9:00 am

Masks and other theatrical things feature heavily in Goblin Secrets, and this morning event will be dedicated to mask making. You can preview the masks here. There will also be coffee, and you should know that the Blue Ox brews dreams from the very finest beans.