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Sarah Prineas and the Galloping Soundtrack

Sarah Prineas remembers this:

When I was a kid my dad worked very long hours, but now and then he was home when I went to bed, he would tell me this same story.  I haven’t thought of it in years, but he probably told it to me hundreds of times.  Next time I see him, I’ll ask him to tell it again.  It was an adventure that culminated with me being captured by a witch and imprisoned in a dark cellar.  I called out in this tiny voice, “I want my daddy!  I want my daddy!”  And then my best friend at the time, Johnny Schomp, rode up on his horse (accompanied by riding music) and rescued me, and took me to my dad.  The end! 

Sarah’s newest novel Winterling just arrived at a bookstore near you. Here’s Jenn Reese on why you should all read it.