A Properly Unhaunted Contest

A Properly Unhaunted Place haunts bookstores and libraries as of today.

I hereby challenge all of you to a contest:

Tell me a ghost story about your favorite neighborhood library via TamlinTheater [at] gmail [dot] com.

My three favorite tales about haunted libraries will win the following:

  • A signed and personalized copy of the book.
  • A free and public Skype visit to that very same library.

All entries should be sent by midnight EST on Friday, October 13th. I’ll announce the winning tales on Halloween.

Please spread the word! I love ghost stories, and I want to hear yours.

Meanwhile, here’s an important part of Chapter Two:

“Libraries need to be haunted.”


“Why?” Jasper asked.


Rosa wasn’t sure how to answer, because it was just obviously true.


“Ghosts are everywhere,” she said. “Usually. Though you might not notice them unless you annoy them. But hauntings just build up in some places. And those places need to have appeasement specialists on hand.”


“Like libraries.”


“Yes. Like libraries. Whenever you open an old book you read it along with everyone else who’s ever read that same book. You’re supposed to. Hauntings don’t end. Ghosts don’t ever just go away.”


“Except here,” Jasper pointed out.


“Except here,” Rosa sighed. Her words tumbled together before, but now she slowed right down and fiddled with the pebble in her hand. “So Mom will just handle the interlibrary loans here. All the books that people complain about. The ones they think are too haunted. They’ll pass through here to get unhaunted. Disinfected. Which is horrible. It shouldn’t even be possible. But Mom will make sure it happens anyway. That’s her only job now. Every library has to have its specialist—even if it doesn’t have any ghosts. Why doesn’t it? Why aren’t there ghosts in Ingot?”


“There just aren’t,” Jasper said. “I don’t know why. Nobody does.”

Books of Wonder currently has a huge stack of signed copies in the aftermath of our early launch party. My seven-year-old niece came to the party in costume, cosplaying as Rosa. She wore a tool belt with one pouch full of salt and another overflowing with fairy lights on copper wire. The lights aren’t visible in the picture below, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say that they looked amazing.