Properly Unhaunted Cupcakes

*dons the feathered, immense, and resplendent hat of shameless self-promotion*

A Properly Unhaunted Place will be published two weeks from today.

You don’t get to see pictures of my self-promotion hat, but you do get to see pictures of my book.

Gorgeous illustrations by Kelly Murphy are lurking inside.

Quotes from the wise and wonderful Anne Ursu, Cynthia Leitich Smith, and Susan Fletcher decorate the outside and make me blush.

Books of Wonder will host an early celebration and book launch party on Saturday, August 19th. Stop by if you’re in NYC. We will have cupcakes.

Cupcakes with ghostly frosting crafted by the Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery.

Earlier that same afternoon, in that very same bookstore, I’ll be joining Sarah Darer Littman, Karuna Riazi, and Tui T. Sutherland to talk about middle grade fantasy. Join us. Otherwise we’ll have to eat dozens of haunted cupcakes all by ourselves.

More info about A Properly Unhaunted Place is right over here, along with a roundup of reviews. Preorders are pretty much the best thing you can do to support an author, by the way. Requesting books from your local library is also splendid.

*doffs the many-splendored hat of self-promotion*