Festive Cover Reveal & Contest Results

Today is Halloween. In the U.S. that means carving pumpkins into candlelit sanctuaries for wandering ghosts. After that we will dress up as monsters in order to be safe from other monsters.

I haven’t picked out my own costume yet. It will probably be some sort of fox mask. I have several of those.

Meanwhile, I also have a seasonal book cover to reveal…

Behold the sequel to A Properly Unhaunted Place:

The splendid Kelly Murphy is currently hard at work on interior illustrations. Here’s the back cover, featuring Jerónimo the haunted horse. He remakes himself out of whatever stones happen to be nearby.

When Unhaunted first came out I proposed a contest of ghost stories. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. Almost every single one of those library hauntings turned out to be benevolent and I am not at all surprised. Libraries are that kind of place.

And the winners are… Theodora Funke, Yapha Washington, and Julia Heller, who described a poltergeist named George: “Usually he’s just a friendly presence, content to stay out of your way as long as there’s something small he can nudge off a table. Last week, though, for the first time in the library’s memory, our reference librarian heard George wandering through the stacks after hours. After some discussion, the staff came to the conclusion that George might have finally finished reading all of the books in the old building, and come out looking for more – which gives me hope that someday my to-read pile may finally start shrinking, too.”

Congrats to all three. I’ll be in touch about your winnings.

Happy Halloween!

PS – Does your seasonal decor include fake plastic rats? Large, living, actual rats have been flushed out of the sewers of Puerto Rico by post-hurricane flooding and now wander through the aboveground wreckage with impunity. Send help.