The Festival Will Now Begin

“Ingot used to be the least haunted place in the world.
Now it might well be the most haunted place.”
– Athena Díaz, appeasement specialist librarian (and Rosa’s mom)

Now I must wear the large, feathered, resplendent, and attention-seeking hat of self-promotion.

A Festival of Ghosts (the sequel to A Properly Unhaunted Place) is in bookstores as of today! Reviewers have said wonderful things so far:

“Alexander takes readers back to a contemporary world where ghostly haunts are part of daily life and librarians are specialists in appeasing the restless dead in this sequel to A Properly Unhaunted Place… While the first book in the series grappled with the consequences of grief avoidance, this addition turns outward, to the pain of remembering societal stories. Though not all history is pleasant, it all demands, quite forcefully, to be memorialized in some way in the town of Ingot. If mirrors are liminal spaces, perhaps this through-the-looking-glass world endeavors to shine its mirror on our contemporary struggles to honor and grieve the gray-hued past.”

“Readers looking to continue with the adventures of Rosa and Jasper will be delighted with new supernatural dilemmas and dark twists.”
School Library Journal

“Jasper effortlessly understands the living, perfectly balancing the pragmatic and capable Rosa, who feels a kinship with the dead. And Alexander’s message—that acceptance and empathy, not building walls, is the answer—will resonate.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“There are some wonderful touches in Alexander’s follow-up to A Properly Unhaunted Place… Will Rosa and Jasper be able to puzzle out what connects all the ghostly action? Fans of the National Book Award–winning Alexander’s intricately plotted adventures will definitely want to find out.”

Signed and personalized copies can be ordered from Bear Pond Books. Library requests are also wonderful, and shape many things in the book world. If you make such requests and orders then my gratitude will haunt you forever… but in a good way? Probably. Hopefully. Gratitude doesn’t usually throw things the way poltergeists do.

*removes the feathered hat of self-promition*