This year I was proud and honored to join an astonishing chorus of voices at Crafting with Ursula, a podcast tribute to the magnificent Ursula K. Le Guin. 

Image Description: side-by-side portraits of Ursula and myself.

David Naimon created the series. When The Burning Hearth asked me to describe his skill as an interviewer, this is what I said:

“David Naimon is one of our best living readers. He elevates homework to high art, drawing connections between far-flung poems, essays, and half-forgotten short stories in order to create whole new constellations of meaning. Someday the distant echoes of his interviews will convince alien civilizations that Earth is worth a visit.”


As for my own stuff, I published three short stories and some nonfiction in 2022:

Image Description: The luminous cover of TASTING LIGHT


In other news, Pepper the Pirate Parrot Kitten and his intrepid sibling Olive (who would not condescend to be photographed at this time) have both joined our household.  

Image Description: Pepper the Pirate Parrot Kitten perches atop my shoulder and surveys the terrain.

Happy New Year, mi gente.